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Explore the career journeys of iX's successful alumni.

iX has thousands of alumni, making waves in their careers. Explore some of their stories below.

Jeroma Boo

iX Alum from WashU

"I went in without knowing much about management consulting but came out understanding what the industry is about, how to conduct analyses, how to approach an interview, and also understood the importance of receiving feedback."

Charlotte Rechtshaffen

iX Alum from McGill University

"Coming from having zero knowledge about consulting, I have gained a deep understanding of what it is to be a consultant, and now feel equipped with the tools to continue down the consulting career path."

Taylor Nunez

Landed a job at PwC

"iXperience has truly provided me with an unforgettable professional experience. Through this program, I was able to learn the ropes of management consulting, improve upon my interview skills, expand my network, gain both hard and soft skills related to consulting. It is also evident that everyone at iXperience truly wants to support you and help you succeed, which made a huge impression on me and is one of the many factors that makes iX stand out from other programs."

Oratile Gaoraelwe

iX Alum

"Choosing a course/program in a different discipline has shown me that I don't have to limit myself to my degree but rather that I can branch outside of that and explore other disciplines because as students we are multidimensional. A lot of the time we have numerous talents and interest and it is okay to tap into those an explore them as much as one would lie. I never pegged myself as a corporate person but after this experience, I have taken a liking to the field and hope to to explore it after the program."

Minoti Kishor

Landed a job at Oliver Wyman

"I learned both hard and soft skills in the course and improved on my qualitative and quantitative skills as well. I really liked learning about the 7 step process and the behavioural and case interview parts of class, I definitely learned the most then and will be using what I learned as I begin the recruitment journey this fall."

Dagny Patton

Landed a job at Goldman Sachs

"I learned so much about the world of consulting, different from what your typical university would teach you. It was invaluable to gain real-world experience from the internship, coordinating across time zones and working virtually with people around the world."

Sanjna Pradhan

iX Alum from UMich

"I didn't have a ton of knowledge coming into this course about consulting because of my major. However, I do feel that going through this course helped solidify my decision to now pursue the consulting path."

Kennedi Smith

iX Alum from UMich

"I'm so glad I decided to participate in the Management Consulting program in iXperience. This program has truly shaped my vision of the future and how I picture my career after graduation. Firstly, the program helped me find the skills that I already have and helped me learn how to take advantage of those. Lastly, the program helped me learn the things I need to work on in order to be successful in the consulting field. I'm most appreciative of the people I've met, my TA's, teacher, and also my peers. I was able to work with such a diverse crowd and learn things from people different from me even though I decided to do the online session."

Emily Rose

Landed a job at Accenture

"At the beginning of this course I knew almost nothing about management consulting. I gained a great understanding of the industry and some of the skills needed to excel as a consultant."

Katie Grogan

iX Alum from University of Richmond

"My experience was one of the most informative, helpful and supportive experiences I have had. It completely altered my career path for the better and prepared me for long-lasting success."

Ryan Lee

Landed a job at Strategy&

"I knew very little about management consulting before and I feel now that I have the knowledge to become a consultant, intern at other companies, and grow my skillset."

Rachel Go

iX Alum from UCLA

"Coming from a background in life sciences where I was very unfamiliar with consulting, finance, and effectively leveraging Microsoft tools, I was able to quickly learn a lot of information and useful skills/frameworks. It was impressive how we were able to cover so many topics (the whole consulting process and put it into practice) while still reinforcing topics learned from the first week. When the internship portion started, I learned an immense amount about private equity in a specific geographic region. Learning to do market research, modeling, weekly presentations, and interact with a client was very valuable.  In addition to consulting-specific skills, I was able to generally improve my professional development skills and get more practice in interviewing, networking, time management, communication and professional outreach."