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The fastest way for undergrads to build a successful career in consulting.

➡️  Learn the full consulting toolkit.

➡️  Get internship experience on your resume.

➡️  Ace your future interviews.

Global programs trusted by 4,000+ students.

We help our alumni land jobs at leading consulting companies.

8 weeks this summer.
Exclusive access to a lifetime of value.

iX Consulting is a fully remote, premium summer program, available exclusively to select undergrads, giving them all the tools and experience to fast-track their career in consulting.


Session 1

May 20 - July 12

Applications open


Session 2

June 17- August 10

Applications open


Prior experience:

None needed

As a college student, you might be feeling what many others are feeling right now.


Lack of work experience.


Uncertainty of career path.


Navigating complex job applications.


Balancing schoolwork and job prep.


Fear of rejection or failure.


 Not knowing how to build a network.


Lack of interview skills.

iX Consulting is designed to give you the skills, experience, and systems to overcome these challenges.

Helping students get ahead.

Krisha Mansukha

LinkedIn Link

USC, landed a job at Deloitte

"I took the management consulting course, and over program I got to learn from some of the smartest practitioners in the industry, as well as consult a start up on their customer engagement strategies. I worked as an analyst at Deloitte Consulting, and that honestly wouldn't have been possible without my experience at iX!"

Serah George

LinkedIn Link

U of T, landed a job at McKinsey

"iX helps you discover how consulting theory and hard skills can be applied in a real job setting, giving you a hands on experience at a company. Instead of doing behind the scenes work you take on the project from start to finish with your team, and get to experience every part of the process, leaving with knowledge, new abilities, and amazing peers."

Ashley Castillo

LinkedIn Link

Wharton, landed a job at Google

"We don’t know where we might end up in the future or what kind of people and problems we will be working with. iX introduced me to this idea and inspired me to seek learning even in areas I may feel are out of my comfort. But even more importantly, to always be curious about what my peers are doing and be open to being pleasantly surprised at what I may find interest in."

So much more than just a course.


Lifetime Access to the iX Consulting Job System.

An exclusive platform that gives you access to everything you need to get your first high-paying consulting job.


Access the network you need to land your future job.

On the program, meet 100+ students from top universities, and access a network of 750+ iX Alum working at top consulting firms.


Guaranteed consulting internship.

Beef up your resume ahead of future recruiting with a powerful, impact-oriented deliverable at an internship.


Expert Consulting Bootcamp.

Learn the entire consulting toolkit from an industry expert, in live, small seminars No prior experience required.

Why a career in consulting is an excellent choice.


Work with the world's smartest.

Solve complex problems and work on various projects every day, building your network exponentially.


Limitless career options.

Consulting is the ultimate launchpad. Go to business school, transfer into  industry, or stay as a career consultant.


Very high earning potential.

Welcome to one of the highest paying careers out there, setting you up with financial security right out of college.

How the 8 week iX Summer program works.

A few days before the program

Building foundation.

→  5-10 hours of pre-course work, introducing you to consulting.

→  Gets you ready to hit the ground running on day 1.

Week 1 & 2

2-week expert training bootcamp.

→  Live bootcamp with 3 industry experts.

→  Small seminars, limited to 30 students.

→  Learn the A-Z consulting toolkit.

→  Daily assignments to solidify learning.

→  Get ready to add value as an intern.

Week 3 – 8

6-week remote internship + class blend

→  Guaranteed placement at a company.

→  Work in teams of 3 - 5.

→  Daily support from your teaching team.

→  Additional classes and support each week.

→  Work with industry professionals.

→  Guaranteed deliverable for your resume.

Imagine going to class every day, with the world's best.

Meet one of our featured instructors

Byron Ascott Evans

LinkedIn Link

Throughout the summer program, you'll have direct access to top Consulting professionals who teach the course and support you.

Byron has...

  • 10+ years of experience in Consulting.

  • Taught 1000s of college students.

  • Led consulting teams at McKinsey.

Imagine going to class every day, with the world's best.

Meet one of our featured instructors

Byron Ascott Evans

LinkedIn Link

Throughout the summer program, you'll have direct access to top Consulting professionals who teach the course and support you.

Byron has...

  • 10+ years of experience in consulting.

  • Prepped 100s of students for the industry.

  • Led consulting teams at McKinsey.

Every iX program is supported by a team of TAs, course designers, and coaches.

Erik Roberts

LinkedIn Link

HBS MBA Candidate

João Girão

LinkedIn Link

Senior Manager

Juliane Hoss

LinkedIn Link

Management Consultant

At the end of 8 weeks, you'll have learned the Consulting Toolkit, along with an internship under your belt.

But the truth is that's not enough to get the best possible consulting jobs.

To get the job you need these assets, skills, and systems.


A way to track all your job applications and keep organized.


A great resume with good work experience to stand out from the crowd.


The ability to stand out on LinkedIn and build your personal brand following to grow your network.


Understand how to use the complex job platforms and know how and when to apply for internships.


Be able to balance your time to apply for internships and focus on your academics.


The emotional resilience to handle the pressure.


The ability to use AI well so you can compete with people who do.


To be fluid and well spoken in job interviews.

The iX program covers all the bases.

Much, much more than just a summer program.

Explore all the additional modules:

✅ Networking super-start system.

How to set up your first 10 networking calls.

  • A mini-bootcamp on how to network using the network you already have at your school, in your family, and through iX.

  • A copy-paste weekly LinkedIn outreach system to rapidly expand your network.

  • Scripts you can memorize to maximize the value and impact of every networking call, and how to follow up.

✅ Interview simulator.

From the top 4 consulting firms

  • The best way to practice is by having someone ask you questions and responding verbally.

  • The iX Virtual Consulting Simulator will help you practice interviewing by prompting you with the questions you'll get from McKinsey, Bain, BCG and Accenture.

  • Build confidence before your interviews by using the tool consistently in the weeks leading up.

✅ Mindset Mastery.

Developing Emotional Resilience.

  • Develop emotional resilience to handle the challenges of job hunting and succeed under pressure.

  • Empower yourself to overcome adversity and ensure you have the menal strength to build your career.

  • 5 morning meditations and 5 evening mediations to relax and sleep.

✅ The AI Advantage.

Building the Skills of the Future.

  • Save up to 15 hours a week with this advanced skill set.

  • Learn how to use AI to increase productivity , improve the speed at which you complete tasks.

  • Build systems with AI to do mock interviews using Open AI ChatGPT.

  • Use AI to edit all your resumes and improve your writing.

✅ Career Compass.

Navigating Your Path with the iX Planning System.

  • ‍A notion system to track all your applications so you can stay organised and increase your odds of landing the job you want.

  • Master the ins and outs of complex job platforms and confidently apply for internships that align with your career goals.

✅ Ace Your Application.

A Step-by-Step Resume and Cover Letter Guide.

  • ‍Get access to 5 great resume and cover letter templates that work.

  • Our team will edit your resume and cover letter to ensure that it stands out.

✅ Consulting Career Launcher.

Get all the inside info.

  • A checklist will all the key consulting firms application information.

  • A timeline on when to apply for summer 2024 internships at top firms.

  • Build systems with AI to do mock interviews using Open AI ChatGPT.

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We've bundled everything you need to get a top-paying job in consulting.

The Complete iX Consulting Career Package:

  • 8 Week summer course and internship: taught by industry experts


With the live program you also get the complete iX Consulting Job System:

  • Networking super-start system: how to set up your first 10 networking calls



  • Interview simulator: from the top 4 consulting firms



  • Ace Your Application: A Step-by-Step Resume and Cover Letter Guide



  • Consulting Career Launcher: 2023's Top 10 Companies' Recruiting Guide



  • Career Compass: Navigating Your Path with the iX Tech System



  • Mindset Mastery: Developing Emotional Resilience.



MARCH applicants get a limited-time BONUS

  • BONUS - Mindset Mastery: Developing Emotional Resilience



  • BONUS - The AI Advantage: Building the Skills of the Future








Session 1

May 20 - July 12

Applications open


Session 2

June 17- August 10

Applications open


Prior experience:

None needed

Applying takes 15 minutes.


Step 1

Apply for the program

Submit a written application in ~5 minutes. If you're a good fit we'll invite you to an interview.


Step 2

Get invited to an interview

Within 3 days, you'll be notified if you've been selected to interview. This is a 20-minute behavioral interview that does not require technical prep.


Step 3

Receive your decision

If you are accepted, you'll get access to an Enrollment portal with all the information you need to confirm your place.


Step 4

Start the program!

You will join a class of top students serious about succeeding in consulting.

Take the next step:

Your roadmap into consulting after doing iX.


2023 - Freshman summer.

Go from novice to expert

  • Elevate your career with the iX Management Consulting Program

  • Gain the experience to stand out in the competitive consulting landscape.


2024 - Sophomore summer.

Be ahead of the curve.

  • Learn how to apply for jobs and manage the stress of finding a highly competitive sophomore summer opportunity.

  • Leverage your exceptional networking abilities to unlock opportunties.


2025 - Junior summer.

Get in at the best.

  • Our program is designed to prepare you to get into a top consulting firm.  

  • Your freshman and sophomore work experiences set you apart.


2026 - After college.

Relax while everyone is stressed.

  • Secure a rewarding full time opportunity from your summer internship.

  • Enjoy college knowing you have planned your future. 🚀