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For internship partners.

Your mission’s big leap.

Become an internship partner and get ambitious young professionals - at no cost to you.

Internships at iX.

We have over 200 companies across the world that we actively partner with in our current programs. From startups to NGOs, big corporations to social impact organizations, our upskilled students intern with forward-thinking businesses of all sizes, in all fields. In all cases, our students are fully supported on our side throughout the internship period - they will never be without the technical support they need to see your project through.

Because all of our students do foundational learning in one of our intensive courses before starting with their internship projects, and learning continues throughout the internship period, each and every student will come equipped with the skills to work with you on your pressing business projects.

How to join us.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Contact us.

We’ll set up a call with you to understand what your business does, what your pressing challenges are and how we can slot into the skills gaps in your organization. We’ll also give you an overview of what iX does, what previous projects were like, and which programs in our academic year are best suited to the scope of your project.

Project scoping.

Starting around two months before the program you’ll be part of, we’ll get in touch with you to set up a scoping call with one of our Head Teachers (and possibly Teaching Assistants too). This allows for your project to be meaningful, scoped appropriately to match the course outcomes, and reasonable in terms of ensuring the students can deliver on the objectives.

The program begins.

Once the internship period rolls around, the students will introduce themselves to you ahead of time and set up a kickoff meeting. They’ll get to know the project deliverables, data and deadlines from your perspective and get the information they need to get the ball rolling.

Hear what other internship partners say.

The experience with the iX internship program was nothing short of incredible. The support from the iX team provided both the interns and us valuable infrastructure so that all of us could make the most of our time together. The interns were engaging, talented and eager to learn, so much so that we’re excited to welcome an intern to our core team, who has already made significant contributions to our organization.

Courtney Wu

LinkedIn Link

CEO, Amnesia Media

Whenever iX students join the Cookie Jar team, it feels like we are going a thousand times faster! Not only because of the great ideas they add or the work they accomplish, but especially because of the way they become part of our family in a matter of a few weeks. They start thinking about the product as if it was their own, and that is what is truly valuable!

Lis Kanzler

LinkedIn Link

Co-Founder & CMO, Cookie Jar

Partnering with the iXperience internship programme was a great opportunity for SourceFin to gain different perspectives and insights from a highly talented group of future business leaders, while imparting to them some of our own business learnings to aid their own growth and development.

Joshua Kadish

LinkedIn Link

Director & COO, SourceFin

The iXperience interns were very motivated to learn about my business and to take on several challenging projects. Working remotely with students from several continents has been a surprisingly smooth process and their diverse backgrounds provided new perspectives for my company.

Michael Fiorentino

LinkedIn Link

Founder & CEO, Vixtape

Frequently asked

More questions?
Email our internship manager.

Is there a cost involved?

No. Our students take on a project with your company at no cost to you at any point.

What’s required from the company’s side?

We only ask that you dedicate some management time to the interns. They’ll most likely meet with you twice a week at minimum: once at the beginning to set out the plan for the week, and once at the end to give you a progress update and discuss any changes.

Most companies meet with the interns more than twice a week, though - it all depends on the demands of your project brief. If the interns perform well, please do give them a letter of recommendation at the end of the project period! This will go a long way in boosting their efforts when they join the recruitment scene after graduating.

How many interns will I work with?

We generally assign students to groups of 3-5 per project brief. Keep in mind that an internship company can certainly have more than one brief on the go - which, of course, would mean hosting more than one group of interns.

We’re perfectly happy with that, as long as there’s sufficient management capacity on your side to ensure that they get the information they need. Many of our partner companies in the past have taken multiple groups of interns across several disciplines in the same program.

Can I recruit an intern if they perform well?

Absolutely! Several of our partner companies have made permanent offers to our students in the past. We have no hand in that process, though - recruitment is at your discretion, and does not involve any process or influence from our side.

What skills and support do the interns have?

In all of our programs, the students will still return to the classroom environment during the internship period regularly. This allows them to ask their Head Teachers and TAs for support, clarify any concepts that they haven’t yet grasped, and get guidance on professional conduct.

What additional learning do they do?

In most of our programs, we also include (on top of their course) additional workshops on how to be an effective remote worker, how to present with impact, what the workplace of today and tomorrow will look like, and how to engage with work in a professional manner.

What kind of project can I give them?

We’ll work with you in our introductory session to explain the learning outcomes of our courses and how we can align a project with your business’ needs. See our program pages to get an idea of what kinds of courses we teach - every internship project must be aligned with one of the courses.

We scope out a project brief in collaboration with you to ensure that there’s little to no scope creep once the internship period starts. Be creative, though - the sky's the limit!

How long is the internship period?

iX Summer runs between May and August each year, with two identical six-week programs. In those six weeks, the first two are purely class, and the next four are then the internship period. As such, the interns will be available for four weeks in each of the two cohorts - so depending on the scope of work to be done, a bigger project can be split into two halves of four weeks each.

Where do the students come from?

Our students come from universities all over the world - many of them some of the world’s best, including Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, the University of Virginia and many more. They’re mostly undergraduates from diverse backgrounds, and the diversity is ever-increasing - particularly with our focus on improving accessibility and affordability for students from all walks of life.

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